Eliminating Toxic Radon With Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

The EPA and Surgeon General’s Office estimate as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused each year by radon. In fact, radon-induced lung cancer costs the U.S. over two billion dollars a year in health care. Radon is a gas that naturally occurs in the environment as a byproduct of uranium decay. It may be found in certain rocks and soil and sometimes it gets into water. Typically, radon gets to humans by inhalation and ingestion. For example, a family that lives in a home, with high radon levels, gets 35 times more radon exposure than living next to a radioactive waste site.

The quickest way to test a home is with short term tests. These tests stay in the home for two days to 90 days. Experts recommend doing two short term tests back-to-back to get an accurate reading. Follow the test instructions explicitly. Close your windows and outside doors and keep them closed as much as possible during the test. Further, do not use fans or other machines that bring air in from the outside. If the test results are positive, call Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA. One thing that radon experts look at is ways to keep the gas out of the home. For instance, cracks in foundations need to be sealed. Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA uses several different methods to remove radon from indoor air. Another method used is installing a radon ventilation system in the home. This type of method is known as passive remediation.

Sub-slab depressurization is the most effective method of eliminating radon. The specialists at Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA say this type of mitigation does not require any structural changes to the residence. Radon is drawn from the ground underneath a concrete floor and vented out through the roof using fans and pipes. In addition, this method can be used in homes with crawl spaces and attics. Radon mitigation costs depend upon the type of house and the amount of gas that’s found. Fortunately, the cost should be no more than other major home repairs like house painting. If your home tests high, call Radon Reduction Systems in Pittsburgh PA.

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