Eliminate Drainage Problems With Expert Drain Cleaning in Marion IA

One of the worst plumbing disasters that any homeowner must deal with is a clogged sewer system. This is because a clog in the sewer pipes will block the flow of any waste and will usually cause the muck to run back inside the home. The sewage will generally take the path of least resistance and come in through the lowest point such as a shower or tub. If there is a lot of liquid such as a full tub, then the system could empty all of it on your bathroom floor or refuse to drain at all. At this point, it is time to consider Drain Cleaning Marion IA.

Most people think that drain cleaning is simply eliminating the clog that is causing the problem. While this is obviously an important procedure, the actual steps in drain cleaning are more involved. For instance, the plumbers must access the pipes. This can be done through an external vent in the sewer line or by removing the toilet that is closest to the main pipe. Once access to the system has been acquired, the cleaning will begin.

The most common method for Drain Cleaning Marion IA is a high-pressure wash. This is similar to the pressurized system that you use at the local car wash. The high-pressure water can quickly remove years of waste build up and get your drainage system flowing like new. However, special care must be used because too much pressure could damage the pipes, especially if the system is weak to begin with. Visit the site to know more.

One benefit of cleaning the sewer lines is the ability to check for external damage. One common culprit for sewer pipe damage is roots growing through breaks in the joints or cracks in the pipe walls. Roots tend to find moisture wherever they can, and a sewer line can provide both liquid and fertilizer. Unfortunately, as the roots grow, they can also cause a lot of damages. Clumps of roots can block the flow of waste, and thick root stems could cause the joints to separate. The latter could result in raw sewage leaking into the yard. If you are experiencing drain problems, then it is time to contact the experts at Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning.

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