Elevator Modernization Projects Require Experienced Engineering Teams

Stepping into an elevator in one of the older, more “classic” buildings in the area can be a lot like stepping back in time. You may enjoy the ambiance of the old-style elevator cabs, but you probably won’t be enamored of the uneven, jerky rides they are prone to delivering, their exceedingly slow speeds, and the fact that they are much more susceptible to breakdowns. These occasional breakdowns can also result in longer waits for the elevators that are still in service, as well as more crowded cars as they try to accommodate the extra traffic. All of these unpleasant experiences can be avoided by a thorough, well-designed and executed Elevator Modernization in Arlington VA.

The trend has been to rescue older building that have fallen into disrepair and re purpose them into business offices, lofts, hotels, and galleries. This can be an all-encompassing task & since many systems, like the electrical and telecommunications systems, will have to be completely replaced with more modern ones. This includes the elevator systems as well, and that can be a challenge. These shafts don’t just provide a route of travel for elevator cars, they are also an integral part of a building’s structure and may be used for support as well as a method of routing electrical and communications cabling between floors. Designing elevator upgrades and modernizations calls for the experience and reliability of skilled engineers who can install the most up-to-date elevators that are suited for a specific building, its structure, and its passenger requirements.

Fortunately, elevators have not only become safer and more reliable over the years, they can also be installed to take up a minimum amount of space, with some systems no longer requiring a large and cumbersome equipment room. The experts in charge of an Elevator Modernization in Arlington VA, understand that each building is unique and requires different systems and equipment.

Some buildings are better suited for traction-type elevators while others are better served by hydraulic systems. Some building owners would prefer to keep the ambiance of their building’s original era and will want the elevator cabs to reflect that, but for experienced elevator engineers, this is only a small challenge. Elevator Technologies, Inc. has performed many upgrades and modernizations, and can provide you with systems that will suit any building, as well as regular maintenance and repairs. To see what they can offer, click here.

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