Electronic Cigarettes, What Is All The Fuss About?

In the last few years there has been ongoing debate about electronic cigarettes; people are asking how they can possibly help someone dump the smoking habit when nicotine, the habit forming component of tobacco is not eliminated? Why should it be considered as a safe alternative to smoking real cigarettes? Generally speaking all electronic cigarettes are healthier and they can curb the user’s desire for a real cigarette, but, like everything else; some can walk the talk and others fail to meet expectations. It is no longer difficult to purchase E-cigarettes or electronic cigarette cartridges; they are available in traditional brick and mortar shops as well as online. Making sure you get the best electronic cigarette means that you need to know a little about how they work and how to differentiate between the good and the not so good products. Picking any electronic cigarette and trying it is not going to provide you with much in the way of comparative data, the result will be inaccurate and biased. Here is what you may want to consider looking at when you buy yours.

What kind of smoker are you?

When you break it down there are three types of smokers; social, moderate and chain. The social smoker rarely smokes more than 10 cigarettes a day, the moderate smoker about a complete pack and a chain smoker will go well beyond that, two to three packs a day would be closer to the truth. The electronic cigarette you buy should reflect your smoking habit, the heavier smoker you are the heavier duty E-cigarette you will want. The heavy duty devices have increased smoke volume, stronger flavor and longer battery life.

Look for value:

A high priced electronic cigarette does not guarantee high quality, however, having said that the cheapest are usually of little value. It is not the cost of an electronic cigarette, it is the value. When your vendor offers a money back guarantee and other services this is a good indication of the quality as the vendor stands behind it.


There are electronic cigarette cartridges which contain many different flavors. There are many candy flavors such as mint and there are liquids that contain no addictive nicotine and those that do. Light smokers may be encouraged to try some of the flavors whereas heavy chain smokers will not find satisfaction with them, they will want the taste and kick that they expect from a real cigarette.

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