Electrical Repairs in Newnan GA Include Fixing Dead Outlets

Sometimes a non-working outlet leads a homeowner to believe that his or her appliance or lamp is not working. To make sure that the problem is with the outlet, plug a working appliance or lamp into the outlet to see if it operates. If so, you need to have the outlet repaired.

However, before you make any moves in this respect, check the outlet’s switch first. Sometimes electrical repairs in Newnan GA can be avoided with this simple check. If you discover that a switch controls the outlet and you want to modify the connection, call an electrician to rewire the outlet. That way, you can operate it separately.

Check the GFCI Breaker

In some instances, electrical repairs do not need to be done for a “dead” outlet if the GFCI breaker has been tripped. Ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs are used for outlets to protect users from electrocution. A GFCI outlet features two buttons, one that is labeled “Test” and another tagged as “Reset”.

You normally find GFCI outlets in more moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom, garage, kitchen, or outside. If a GFCI outlet is tripped, you will see the “Reset” button slightly projected. Simply push the button to reset it.

Is the Outlet Linked to Another Outlet?

Even if the so-called “dead” outlet does not feature GFCI buttons, it may be linked to another GFCI outlet in your house. For example, a non-working outlet on a home’s exterior may work again if you push the “Reset” button on a GFCI outlet in the living room.

Electrical repairs, in some cases, do not need to be made if the circuit for the outlet has been tripped on the breaker panel. To fix the problem, flip the breaker off and then back on.

Who to Contact

If you have performed the above troubleshooting tasks but your outlet still does not work, you need to contact an electrician.

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