Elderly Care Tips For Quad City Seniors

Keeping your aging loved ones safe, secure and in the best health possible are certainly your top concerns. By doing so, you reduce the stress of your loved one as well as for yourself. While at some point you may need to seek Elderly Care Quad Cities, keeping the senior in your life living in their chosen home as long as possible is often the preferred option. To make life as easy on your loved one as possible, whether they’re in a prime location such as The Fountains Senior Living Community or their own home, there are some tips you can follow to make life easier.


Experts recommend people of all ages stay hydrated, but for seniors especially, getting enough water can prevent further health complications. Fill a pitcher daily and make sure it stays in the same spot at all times. Remind them periodically about drinking enough water and where the pitcher is located.


One of the common goals of the elderly is to maintain a sense of independence, and dressing one’s self is helpful in retaining that self-reliance. Stocking their wardrobe with easy to slip on clothes, minus numerous hard to maneuver buttons and zippers is a good idea, along with putting easily matched colors such as black, tan and white into the closet. Divide up the closet, putting pants in one section, shirts in another to make it easy for them to locate needed items.

Whether your loved one lives in Elderly Care service Quad Cities or still in their own home, the above tips can help them retain a sense of normalcy and stay healthy and happy for many years to come.


While certainly mirrors are often used for decoration purposes, to many elderly people, they’re simply a reflection of someone they hardly recognize. When they walk by the mirrors, they glance in and are startled by what they see. Depression is common in the elderly, and constant mirrors often add to it. If you want to keep them in the home, place them up higher on the walls so a passerby doesn’t see their reflection, but they still add decor to the home.

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