Efficient Business Communication Systems Save Time And Money

In business, perhaps more than anywhere else in life, efficiency is really the gold standard. Any time that you are doing things inefficiently in your business you are costing yourself both time and money. This includes the way that your communication systems are set up for both internal and external communications. For instance, a fax over VoIP system, a simple addition to your VoIP phone system, can increase efficiency in ways you had not previously considered.

The Old Way

Think of the last time you had to send a fax to a colleague, as business to business communication or to anyone else. You had to first retrieve a fax cover sheet, which may be a hard copy or may be available in your computer templates. Then you filled in the fax cover letter and completed the document. You then printed those pages, walked to the fax machine, dialed in the number and waited to make sure that the fax went through. You then had the option to wait for a confirmation sheet to print that indicated that the fax was sent. This confirmation sheet was then filed away for later reference if needed.

The New Way

With fax over VoIP that entire scenario, which involves typing, printing, going to the fax machine, dialing, waiting, printing and filing is now obsolete. The entire process of sending a fax over VoIP is as simple as typing and hitting send from your email. The fax over VoIP automatically faxes to as many recipients as you want without any need to constantly stand and make sure everything goes through.

Retrieving with fax over VoIP is just as easy. You will receive a notice in your email box that says that you have fax and you open it just as you would any other email.

Fax over VoIP can be integrated with an actual fax machine as well, so your entire faxing system can be fully tracked, recorded and accessed from any internet connected device both in the office or away.

The fax over VoIP technology is one of the lowest cost ways you can use to increase the efficiency of your office. It is a powerful tool if you only send a fax on the odd occasion or if you fax on a daily basis.

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