Effective Treatment for Sciatica Relief in San Diego, CA From a Chiropractor

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Chiropractic

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A qualified chiropractor can help you with sciatica relief in San Diego, CA. Sciatica is a very common health problem. Many people can get treatment for sciatica and experience relief within a few months. This problem occurs with the sciatic nerve suffers damage or is exposed to too much pressure. Many people have symptoms similar to a burning pain or an electric shock. The discomfort occurs in the lower back, the lower leg, and the sole of the foot. People also experience tingling, numbness, or weakness in these areas. The cause is usually a herniated disc or overgrowth in the spine, but there may be other causes. Your chiropractor can effectively treat sciatica with an individualized plan without drugs.

You should visit a trusted chiropractor if you want to make sure you are experiencing sciatica rather than something else. Your chiropractor can help you get the right diagnosis and help identify any underlying conditions. They will fix misaligned discs and improve your mobility while treating your sciatica. Pregnant patients can get chiropractic treatment for sciatica during pregnancy safely. Chiropractors carefully manipulate the spine to provide non-surgical relief for sciatica patients. This type of treatment will help prevent flare-ups from poor posture and old injuries as well.

Patients typically need X-rays and other imaging techniques for diagnostics. Your chiropractor will also use chiropractic, physical, and orthopedic exams to ensure a correct diagnosis. Chiropractic care provides lasting relief for the pressure on the nerve that creams and injections cannot provide. Chiropractic care is also an extremely effective treatment for the inflammation that accompanies sciatica.

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