Eb 5 Foreign Investment Program

The Eb 5 Foreign Investment Program is an opportunity for foreign investors to obtain permanent residency and green card in the United States in return for an investment of around 5 to 10 lakh dollars (USD). With the help of this investment program, US citizens are able to get more jobs, while you along with your wife and unmarried children (who are not yet 21) can get a green card so that you can live freely anywhere in the country.

Why Invest?

The main reason why people invest in this program is to future proof their business’s future along with their family’s. You won’t have to face any unnecessary hassles in the country which are often see in case of immigrants. This program has been highly successful as well, since it has immensely helped the economy in Las Vegas.

How Can You Qualify?

You can understand that due to the high demand, not all investors are granted this opportunity. You have to prove that you are willing to invest in this country to expand your business, and that you have provided employment to at least 10 US citizens. There are several Eb 5 certified regional centers who you should consult with to proceed further.

Choosing the proper company

Choosing the best company is a tough choice. Some aren’t trustworthy, while others charge excessively high. You want to invest in a company who is asking for the right price and has a solid reputation to backup its claims. Golden Opportunity Regional Center fits all this criteria. They currently have approvals for San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obsipo counties of California. The company received approval in 2014, and are behind some of the top 5 star hotels in the USA. They have excellent infrastructure and have invested in development of nursing homes, hotels and motels. Their relentless effort to provide the best service to its customers has made one of the most trusted companies in this field.

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