Easy Tips For Maintaining Your Boston, MA Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

A common assumption with beautiful looking epoxy flooring in a Boston, MA garage is that it must be hard to maintain. This mistake is easy to make as these floors look like new with just a very small amount of routine care.

A closer look at just how easy it is to maintain this epoxy garage floor coating in Boston, MA, even in a busy home garage that is used for more than just vehicle storage, shows just how this flooring option is a benefit to any property.


As with any type of garage floor coating, keeping the surface dust and grit to a minimum is important to keep the flooring looking shiny and bright. Sweeping can be done as needed using a soft bristle broom, a dry mop or even an electric blower.

The key is to simply remove the dust to prevent buildup on the floor’s surface. The amount the garage is used has an impact on how frequently this simple task should be completed.


Washing of epoxy flooring in a garage is only done on an as-needed basis. This is often only a few times a year and mostly to remove mud brought in on car tires. Washing is easy with a hose and a typical hose nozzle. A pressure washer or even a simple mop and bucket can be used as well.

If using a cleaning solution, choose a pH neutral cleaner and do not use harsh chemicals or any type of abrasive or scrubbing products. These can dull the surface of the garage floor coating.

To minimize the need for washing, immediately spot clean any spills. Just keep some microfiber shop towels or paper towels handy in your Boston, MA garage to easily remove any liquids, grease, oil or chemicals that may spill on the floor.

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