Easy Plumbing Repair in Weatherford TX for Your Clogged Kitchen Drain

A clogged kitchen drain is an inconvenience. It can also be a health hazard if not repaired. Materials such as food particles, hair, fat, and soap can accumulate at the bottom of the pipe. This mass of water and its waste can cause a blockage that prevents water from leaving the sink. If left unattended, bacteria can grow. To correct this and save on costly plumbing repairs, perform simple Plumbing Repair in Weatherford TX. Use the following guidelines for this task.

Use a plunger to attempt to dislodge this unwanted material from your kitchen drain. Fill your sink with enough water to cover the top of the plunger. Cover the overflow in your sink with a wet cloth. This will help build up suction. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the underside of the lips of the plunger. Press the plunger onto the side of the sink. Slowly slide it down until it covers the drain opening. Grasp the plunger stick with both hands. In rapid succession, move the plunger up and down. Pull up quickly on the plunger. Water should start to leave the sink if this agitation is successful. Repeat this step a few times until the drain is cleared.

If using a plunger does not work, continue with your Plumbing Repair in Weatherford TX by using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Ensure that you wear a pair of gloves to protect your skin. Remove excess water from your sink using a pail or large bowl. Use a spatula or other tool to force one cup of baking soda down the drain. Next, pour one cup of vinegar down the drain. You can use the drain cover to keep the solution down the drain. Wait about five to ten minutes. Remove the stopper and pour boiling water down the drain. The chemical reaction should jolt any grimy sludge loose at the bottom of your drain.

When the above-mentioned tips don’t work, it may be necessary to work an auger into your drain. You can do this yourself or called a plumber. For more information on Plumbing Repair in Weatherford TX, get in contact with a plumber like the ones at Ace Repair Plumbing. These professionals can handle residential and commercial plumbing services.

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