Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

The breast cancer survival rate is on the rise even though millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The biggest thing that is increasing the survival rate is the fact that more and more women are understanding the importance of breast cancer screening. Breast cancer in Oklahoma City can be caught early with routine breast exams and a yearly mammogram. Every woman over the age of 40 should get a mammogram once a year. It’s also recommended that all women give themselves breast exams at home. If you are not sure how to do this, it is very easy to learn and it can save your life.

First, remove your shirt and stand in front of a mirror. Take a look at your breast and make sure they appear to be their usual shape and size. The nipple area should also look the way it always does. Next, lift up your arms and look at your breasts in the mirror again. Keep your arms above your head and check that you do not see any abnormal shapes on the sides of your breast. The next step is to lie down on a flat surface. Your bed, the floor, wherever you feel comfortable. Tuck your right arm behind your head and with the opposite hand, feel your breast. Begin from the nipple and work your way out to the breast. Use a circular motion and press into your breast. Make sure you include the area by your armpit and under your breast. You should not feel any hard lumps. If you do, that is when you know you need to see your doctor immediately. Now repeat the same process with your other breast.

There are things to watch for when it comes to examining your breasts. Periodically watch for changes in your breasts. Do they seem swollen or is there any change in the nipple? Does the skin have a scaly rash or has it become dimpled? It’s important to watch for any type of changes to your breasts. This is the best way to detect breast cancer in Oklahoma City early and to get the necessary treatment to keep you alive.

It’s also important not to neglect your yearly mammogram. If you have trouble remembering to schedule it, pick a day of the year that you will always remember. Your birthday for example can be a great day to get a mammogram. Think of it as a birthday present for yourself that could potentially save your life.

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