DUI in Tucson: Driving While Under The Influence of Legal Drugs

The vast majority of the time that someone gets pulled over and charged with a DUI in Tucson it is because they were tested and found they had a little too much to drink or they are under the influence of an illegal substance. However, it is just as likely for someone to get pulled over and charged with a DUI for legal drugs. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter medication. This is why it is crucial for you to read all warning labels associated with any medication before you consume it. Get in touch with The Law Office of Thomas Wilson.

Imagine being the mother of three beautiful children. You take a pill for hay fever allergies every single night before you go to bed. You also take an antidepressant every night that was prescribed by your doctor. Both of these medications have a side effect of drowsiness. They have warning labels cautioning the user to avoid operating a vehicle or any heavy machinery while they are on this medication.

When the mother wakes up, she is not feeling very well so she decides to take another dose of her medication. After she finishes getting ready, she kisses her children goodbye, and heads out the door so she can go to work. While the mother is driving she ends up smashing right into the side of a car in oncoming traffic because she did not see a stop sign. When a police officer arrives on the scene, the first thing he is going to do is ask what happened. Without even thinking about it the mother is going to apologize and say this has never happened before. Then, she is likely to say that maybe her new medication caused her to not see the stop sign.

Despite the fact that this mother never meant to drive while under the influence of anything or hurt anyone, she has just confessed to operating a vehicle while under the influence. Unfortunately, the police officer does have grounds to arrest her for a DUI in Tucson now. This particular case of a DUI in Tucson is one that can sometimes be won with a good lawyer.

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