Drunk Driving Booking And Bail

If you have been pulled to the side of the road by a police officer and you are found to be intoxicated you will be given a sobriety test or tests on the spot and if you fail them, you will be taken into custody and booked for the offense. During the booking process which can take an hour or so the police will search you, confiscate all of your personal possessions including money, note all of your personal details on the charge sheet and detail any information that pertains to the arrest and the alleged crime. After having your fingerprints taken and your mug shot taken you will be placed in a jail cell. In most cases the police are obliged to grant the suspect one phone call which he can use to arrange for DUI bail bonds in St Paul MN, call home or contact an attorney.

Bailing a DUI suspect:

Depending on the circumstances the accused may be granted immediate bail or he or she may have to wait for a bail hearing in front of a judge. Those that are not granted immediate freedom usually have to wait about 48 hours for their hearing, however if the arrest takes place on a weekend or a holiday, this can be longer.

What bail will be set?

In many cases the amount of bail is taken from a bail schedule, in other cases the bail will be set by the judge at the bail hearing. If the suspect is denied immediate bail the amount will be based on a few factors:

* What is the criminal history of the suspect including DUI history?

* What was the seriousness of the event, were there injuries or casualties?

* Does the suspect have close family ties and is he or she in full time steady employment?

The outcome of these questions will have a significant impact on the amount of bail set.

If the suspect cannot afford to pay the bail personally then it will be necessary to arrange for DUI bail bonds in St Paul MN. The bonding agency provides the court with a guarantee that the accused will show up for all court mandated appearances including any pre-trial appearances. In the event this does not happen and the suspect does not appear in court an arrest warrant is raised and the bond is forfeited.

DUI bail bonds in St Paul MN is available to those arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense. You are invited to contact Liberty Bail Bonds any time of the day or night.

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