Drive in Style with 3M Obsidian

We have something of a love-hate relationship with the sun. On one hand, we all love a bright, sunny day. The sun delivers the essential vitamin D to us and it keeps us warm on those bright summer days. But on the other hand, the rays can do a lot of damage.

With a 3M obsidian tint, you can keep some distance between yourself and the sun while driving. A 3M automotive window film in the Obsidian Series has been developed for better durability while providing exceptional protection from UV rays.

Obsidian Tint

A 3M obsidian tint can do a lot to improve your driving experience. For one, it has low reflectivity, reducing glare exponentially. It also offers great UV protection, which can reduce wear and tear and fading on upholstery.

Moreover, it provides privacy and protection. The right film should have longevity and provide top-notch performance over its lifetime. All at an affordable price. The right window film can do so much more than just offer a tint.

Working with Technology

Given the importance in our lives that technology plays, it is important that the window film of choice does not interfere with that. Thankfully, this obsidian tint will not work to obstruct mobile devices from sending out their signals. That means Bluetooth, GPS, satellite radio, and other mobile devices will continue to work as they should without interference. The tints are made from non-metallized materials, meaning there is no blocking of signals.

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