Drive In Comfort With Auto Air Conditioner Repair in Forest Lake MN

There was a time in history both locally and abroad that the modern convenience of an air conditioned automobile was not an option. Automobile air conditioning was not a matter of choice for luxury either for the more affluent and was certainly not a forethought in a car manufacturer’s mind. The functionality of a car’s components was of foremost importance in manufacturing it while creature comforts took more of a prominent place some 60 years down the road. The progression of amenities in automobiles began with providing the bare essentials first, like a basic steering wheel, roof, doors and the gas and brake pedals. The optional indulgence of flipping a switch to stave off the sweat rolling down the driver’s forehead evolved from a seeming impossibility to a mandatory standard in today’s modern functioning cars.

From the production of the first American automobile in 1886 with it’s tricycle looks and its similar functionality, to Packard’s Model F in 1903 donning an added umbrella, not much progress was made in nearly 20 years. Drivers were still combating the elements from mother nature of heat and rain all on the inside of their cars. Even the seat cover of 1919 called the Kool Kooshion did little more to add comfort from the outside elements than allowing the sweat to roll off the driver by its construction which circulated air around the body. It wasn’t until 1930 that the means to cool a vehicle more closely resembled the functionality of the modern a/c. Its crude jet engine look and clumsy mounting on the outside of the car is a stark contrast to today’s discreet condenser units located under the hood and behind the dash of modern-day vehicles.

With the joys of progress in automobiles luxury options, comes its not so joyous requirements for breakdowns and repairs. American Imports does auto air conditioner repair in Forest Lake MN. So, when opening the windows to circulate air for coolness brings you back to the to the technological era of your deceased family lineage, it’s probably time to get with the modern day world. Auto Air Conditioner Repair in Forest Lake MN can keep you in check with today’s essential creature comforts.

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