Dripping Faucets: Preventing The Development Of A Serious Problem

A plumber in Westport CT is familiar with many different plumbing emergencies. Plumbers are often called in when minor problems have developed into disasters. This does not have to be. If you recognize the issue, you can take preventive measures. Sometimes it is simply being proactive that will prevent such common problems as dripping faucets developing into serious issues.

The Common Dripping Faucet

One of the most annoying and common types of household plumbing problems is the dripping faucet. At first it may be just annoying. Later, as the water continues to drip unabated, it becomes bothersome. Before you know it, it is a plumbing disaster waiting to happen.

Dripping Faucets: Major Causes

If you talk to a plumber in Westport CT, he or she can tell you what may be at fault when your faucet begins to leak or drip. The reasons may vary but generally, a part is worn out or damaged. The parts affected may be:

  • The valve threads

  • Washer screws

  • Seals or O rings

  • Cartridge (for a cartridge faucet)

Failure to address the issue immediately can result in serious damage to your sink and plumbing.

The Problem of Dripping Faucets

When a faucet is allowed to drip unchecked, it can result in damage to your plumbing system. If you talk to a professional plumber in Westport CT, he or she will tell you that an ongoing leaking faucet can have a negative effect on everything from hardware to your water bill. A continually dripping faucet:

  • Wears away the enamel of your the sink or tub

  • Can result in corrosion of the metal that surrounds and comprises such basic sink and bath parts as the drains and pipes

  • Can cause rusting and erosion of any metal parts such as the flange, gasket or tail piece that comprise the actual faucet and surrounding hardware

  • Can, depending upon the extent of the leak, warp or stain the bathroom vanity or kitchen sink cabinet

  • Is a waste of clean water

  • Jacks up the water bill

You can prevent any of this from occurring. Replace the faucet either on your own or ask a plumber to do so.

Allowing a faucet to continue to drip unheeded is a recipe for a plumbing disaster. Talk to your local plumber in Westport CT for advice. If you do not have the necessary skills to repair the problem on your own, ask for help from the experts. They will rectify the problem for you easily and quickly saving you time and money.


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