Drill-Free Dentistry with Laser Dentists in Kailua

Laser dentistry is a new, FDA approved innovation that is making it easier to have great teeth. Dentists are optimistic about the promise lasers have shown in general dentistry, and people are starting to catch on to its advantages. Although it seems like it would be more difficult and expensive to get laser dental treatment, many Laser Dentists in Kailua are already using the latest technology in dental health. You can get the best dental care without the fear of a drill when you go to a dentist that uses lasers in his or her practice.

Instead of a traditional drill, lasers are being used to treat to most basic oral conditions. Lasers can combat and treat tooth decay. This reduces the amount of complications from major dental procedures. It can be used to prepare a tooth for a filling. Lasers can actually treat gum diseases like gingivitis. Reshaping of the gum can be done using lasers if any damage from past gum disease exists. They can remove bacteria and harmful plaque from your teeth. If lesions are discovered in the mouth, lasers are used to perform a biopsy. Besides diagnostic studies, it also assists in the removal of lesions. Lasers also serve a cosmetic purpose and can be used for teeth whitening.

When lasers are used instead of drills, the patient can experience less pain. Reduced pain means reduced need for anesthesia. Because there is no drill, lasers can reduce anxiety. People who may have been afraid to come to the dentist can get all of the benefits of dental work without the stress. Using a laser also minimizes bleeding and swelling both during and after the procedure. You can preserve more healthy tooth when using a laser for dental care. Check out Laser Dentists in Kailua like Aikahi Dental Kailua to get established as a patient. While the technique is fairly new, it shows a lot of promise in its effectiveness and the fact that it gives more people access to dental care. So many people are afraid of going to the dentist, but going to the dentist without the drill eliminates the number one excuse for avoiding the dentist, creating the opportunity for healthy teeth and gums for everyone.

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