Drain Cleaning in Seattle, WA is Important for Keeping the Drain Open

Drains should be cleaned on a regular schedule depending upon the trees within 100 feet of the drain line. Tree roots can travel 100 feet seeking water and roots will burst into a clay pipe or find a union in other pipes where they can enter and form a clog by literally growing in the drain line. The result is a total blockage will eventually form and the sewer will backup into the house or into the restaurant. There are other pictures you would rather see.

A plumbing company will detect root growth by running a TV camera through the line until the camera sees the clog. This camera can also see grease and debris that is clinging to the walls of the sewer line. Although this problem may not be as serious as tree roots, it is nonetheless going to block the line eventually or restrict the line.

Older homes have clay pipes which over time will crack and breakup forming a blockage that traps debris in the sewer line. The sections of the pipe that are damaged can be replaced without digging up the yard. An experienced plumber can insert a new drain line or replace a section of the line.

Drain Cleaning in Seattle, WA utilizes water hydro jetting which is a powerful force of water inserted into the line at about 15 – 18 gallons per minute. The force of this water will bust up a clog and clean the walls of the sewer line of all the grease and debris which has been built up. This is a process that should be repeated regularly by West Coast Plumbing, Pump and Filtration LLC to ensure an open sewer line. An experienced plumber will advise you on how often this cleaning should be done based on the type of usage the line has.

Drain cleaning all the way to the municipal sewer line is essential. The process of cleaning a sewer line is not a difficult task for the experienced plumbers of Drain Cleaning in Seattle, WA. Neither does it disrupt the home or the business. If the line becomes clogged to the point where it cannot handle the waste material, then the sewer will backup and overflow the toilets which is not a pleasant site for the diners to see, or for the homeowners to witness.

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