Don’t Suffer the Weather in Silence When Heating And Air Conditioning Repair in Cabot Ar Can Help

Comfort appliances may seem like a luxury, but most modern homes require some sort of heating and cooling appliance to keep them comfortable. One reason for this is the high insulation values that these properties have and another is the low volume of air flowing through them. The solution used by most people is the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, a combined heating and cooling appliance that treats the whole building.

The HVAC system works well with only the occasional need for heating and air conditioning repair near Cabot Ar. At least as long as the appliance is properly maintained and it hasn’t reached the end of its service life. Maintenance on the HVAC should be performed twice a year. The furnace portion should have its service done at the end of fall before the system is used and the AC needs to be serviced in the early spring before being put under a heavy load.

One reason that service on the AC is so important is the refrigerant carries the lubricant required for the condenser. Without this vital component, the condenser would overheat and burn out. This can become a very costly heating and air conditioning repair near Cabot Ar because replacing the condenser may require replacing the whole system. Due to advances in refrigerants, the older R-22 is being phased out and new appliances will be using R-410A. R-410A is a more environmentally friendly chemical, but it requires higher pressures, and this means more durable equipment.

Of course, the HVAC is not the only method of heating and cooling. Systems such as the split AC and the heat pump provide excellent solutions for treating a home or business space. The split or ductless appliance allows heating or cooling based on zones. Using this system allows the property owner to segregate each area based on usage and traffic levels. The typical split system can handle 8 such blowers, which should be enough for most homes and small businesses.

Using a heat pump is the more energy efficient method of heating and cooling and possibly the most reliable. Unlike the split system, the heat pump requires a delivery method similar to the HVAC. That is, distributing the treated air requires the use of air ducts, and this makes switching to a heat pump a viable option for some HVAC owners.

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