Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best Windshield Repair

What do these things have in common; A gravel truck, neighborhood kids, a section of road construction, a hailstorm, and an automobile accident? That’s right; each of those items can be a reason for you to need expert windshield repair or replacement. The problem with even minor windshield damage is that, if it isn’t taken care of quickly, it just tends to get worse. Even a small chip or nick can spread across your entire windshield if not repaired quickly. As with all automotive work, you need to make certain that you are dealing with an experienced, reputable shop in order to receive the Best Windshield Repair.

Some less-than-reputable glass repair shops will cut corners in a number of ways, so verify that their replacement glass is approved for your vehicle. If it isn’t, the glass may have some obvious flaws and may actually begin to quickly delaminate. Another way some glass shops save money is by using inferior grade adhesives. This may create the possibility of leaks later on, especially if the old windshield was not removed properly. Not using the required tools to do that can lead to scratches in the protective paint which will result in rust as well as leakage.

Don’t underestimate the important part your windshield plays in your vehicle’s safety; in addition to protecting you and your passengers from the elements while providing you with a clear view of the road, automobile manufacturers rely on the windshield to provide from 40 to 60 percent of the structural support for the passenger compartment in the case of an accident. Inferior glass will not offer that kind of support in an emergency. Your windshield also helps to direct your airbag to keep it in position to absorb impacts on the passenger’s side. These are all reasons for you to make sure you get the Best Windshield Repair you can.

In addition to all of the other automotive services they provide, The Body and Fender Shop can also see that you get the kind of windshield repair or replacement you deserve, with no shortcuts or questionable practices. They use only premium-grade auto glass for window and windshield replacements, and they can accommodate any size vehicle from compact cars all the way up to to RV’s and Campers. They work with all major insurance companies and have been serving our area since 1991 with highly-trained and certified technicians.

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