Don’t Let Your Neighbors Smell the Stench: Call a Plumber in Ferndale for Help!

There is possibly nothing in the world worse than having your toilets back up because something is clogging them somewhere deep down in the pipes. It happens, too, in the best of homes, especially in homes where toddlers reside. Many, many parents have experienced the same sinking feeling when they walked into the bathroom only to see their diapered two-year-old waving sadly waving “bye-bye” while looking down at the water slowly swirling southward in the toilet bowl.Some parents have enjoyed this display of their child’s creativity on multiple occasions, or with multiple children. What got flushed this time? Only the plumber in Ferndale can tell you for sure.

Which is why, when you have little children, it’s a good idea to keep the plumber’s phone number, as well as the pediatrician’s, and poison control’s, on speed dial. You never know when you might need their services — pronto.

Sometimes rather large items will flush quite readily. For example, cloth diapers, cell phones, keys, Q-tips and guinea pigs all usually slide down with ease, only to cause a stoppage somewhere further down the line. Stoppages, well, they stop things from flowing in the direction that they should. Sometimes stoppages cause things to flow the wrong way, opposite way from what as backwards into your bathroom. Sometimes these stoppages don’t smell very good. Sometimes, they’re horrendous.

So quickly … before the neighbor on the other side of the duplex begins to wonder where that funny smell is coming from … hit the speed dial button and call your new best friend, the plumber who works all hours, every day of the week. He can rescue you, will restore your faith in humanity, and will make gravity work in your home work again as it should in a relatively short amount of time. He’s probably a family man. He’s likely seen it before. Chances are he can make you feel better about yourself and your child and will cheer you both up all while possibly even recovering the offending flushed object, (should you wish to recover it).

Despair not. You are not alone. Your child is no doubt a budding genius, merely expressing his curiosity about the way things work.

And that plumber? Fear not. He’s your friend.
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