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The cross is not just a geometric shape but also a symbol of religion to many. For many centuries the cross has represented the religious institution of the Church, be it Catholic or Christian. While it is unknown how and when the first ever cross was carved into a building, or sculpted from stone or carved out of wood, it certainly started a religious trend. Clearly, the idea behind it was biblical and the influence had to have come from something related to Jesus and the cross he was allegedly crucified on—although some beliefs offer different explanations—and the cross has become a symbol of faith for millions around the world.

The Jewelry Uses of Gold

Gold has been a common and popular precious metal for millennia, starting with some of the ancient civilizations like the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Chinese, as well as many others. Gold—symbol Au and with the atomic number seventy-nine—is a malleable and soft precious metal that can be molded, melted and turned into some of the most eye-catching and amazing jewelry in the entire world.

Gold is attack resistant and doesn’t rust or tarnish. It is one of the most pure metals on the planet, but it can dissolve in certain substances such as mercury, nitro-hydrochloric acid, and cyanide. Many millennia ago gold was the main currency when it came to trading. The Romans used gold coins until they discovered other metals that could be used as currency.

There are differing levels and colors of gold, ranging from 9k, 14k, 22k and 24k—the purest form of gold. The differing colors range from white gold to yellow and red gold. Because of these traits gold has been made into some of the world’s more beautiful and delicate jewelry and much of it is still in existence today, in museums and galleries, as well as country homes and estates.

People like to have

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