Doing Basement Waterproofing Ottawa IL When Humidity Is Abundant

Many homeowners discover their basement is rather humid during warmer times of the year. This can lead to substantial damage to personal items and building materials. Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa, IL can be done in several ways to remove humidity from the inside of a home. Here are some ideas to try.

Tend To Concrete Damage

If the foundation or cement flooring in a home is riddled with cracks and crevices, air and moisture will push its way through to the interior of the home. This can be remedied by using a concrete caulk to seal smaller voids. A professional should be called if sealant does not do an effective job. They will be able to add concrete to broken areas of a surface, helping to keep humidity from making its way through to the basement at all.

Use Equipment To Minimize Humidity

Moisture in a basement can be battled with help from a dehumidifying unit. This can be positioned in an area of the basement where it will be out of the way of activity of those living in the home. The unit will need to be checked periodically, so any moisture collected can be disposed of, emptying the collection bin for additional moisture accumulation. Dissidents can also be placed in a basement to help trap moist air. These will need to be replaced with new ones every week or so for the best results.

Add Sheets Underneath Drywall

Vapor barriers can be positioned underneath layers of drywall to help keep moisture from getting inside of a structure. These will need to be placed by a professional as the drywall will need to be removed and replaced. The plastic barriers are secured by insulation, giving a protective layer against moisture and pests. When there is a need to do Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa, IL, finding the right service to help with the job is a must.

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