Dog Training at a Veterinary Care in Honolulu

If you want a dog that you can truly enjoy or take anywhere around anyone and not have to worry, then training your dog is imperative. Dog training builds a loving, trusting relationship between you and your pet. It also establishes boundaries and rules for your dog to follow. Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai Pet Hospital can assist you with training.

Training at a Veterinary Care in Honolulu is not about dominating your pet, but learning how to communicate with them. Rewarding good behaviors, with treats and positive praise, and ignoring bad ones. If possible it is best to train your pet while it is still a puppy, but if you adopt an older dog training is still possible it may just take a little longer. Once a dog is older, it may have already developed a set of bad behaviors so it takes longer to break these habits.

The first step to training is for the dog to recognize its name, before being taught to come when called. Starting with simple commands must be done and mastered then more complicated demands can be established. Moving gradually and not rushing your pet is important for proper training. Socialization with other animals is also good, so your dog can get accustomed to and adapt to the behaviors of other animals. This will be very helpful when walking the dog in the neighborhood and going to a dog park. You don’t want to be out and have your dog attack another dog, run away, or drag you down the street. Dog training is especially important for bigger dog breeds. If these dog breeds become out of control or aggressive, it can be very dangerous. If a large dog bites someone or another animal, they can do severe damage and possibly even cause death. Training should also be specific to each breed or size; every dog has their own personality and needs to be trained according to that personality. Dog training is not a one size fits all deal.

Having a long happy life with your pet is paramount. Dog training at a Veterinary Care in Honolulu can keep dogs out of shelters or from being euthanized, because their owners can’t handle them. It can save the lives of so many of man’s best friends.

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