Dog Grooming Stafford VA Tips From The Experts

Professional dog groomers use a number of tricks to give your pooch that fantastic appearance when he leaves the store. These easy small steps aid your canine friend feel more comfy and look better till the next visit to the dog grooming Stafford VA professional. You can carry out these grooming steps at home so as to give your dog that polished look it gets from the groomers. When grooming your dog, one area you should not miss is your dog’s ears. Long hairs within your dog’s ears can accumulate dirt and wax. You should take some time to look inside the ears of your dog and extract the long hair within the external part of the ear channel. By so doing you get rid of the source of wax build-up. To do this, firmly grasp the hair by the base and pull outwards. Pet shops sell stripping fingers -; small, rough sleeves that you can place on your fingers to provide additional grip on the hair.

The toenails are another priority when it comes to Dog Grooming Stafford VA. Unclipped toenails are a safety hazard to both humans and dogs. Long claws can harm carpets and furniture even with just jumping or walking. Also, long toe nails can cause painful welts as well as cuts on other pets or humans. Grooming around your dog’s eyes is also essential. Many dogs frequently experience tear stains. You might observe prominent pink or brown stains on the skin beneath the inner corner of your dog’s eye area. This should be checked by a vet at Dumfries Animal hospital as it might be a serious health condition, but there are some breeds of dogs that are merely prone to tearing.

You can remove discoloration on light and white colored dogs by adding some hydrogen peroxide to water. Get a soft cloth and dip it into the solution of water and hydrogen peroxide to make it damp. Next, apply the cloth to the stained part, advancing towards the hair growth direction. When doing this, do not get too close to your dog’s eye. If this is done regularly, you will reduce the staining. Darker colored dogs typically do not show tearing. For such dogs, you can remove dirt and debris which might collect by using a soft cloth dampened with pure water.

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