Does My Loved One Need Elder Care?

Whether it’s your parent, an aunt or an elderly friend of the family, there may come a time where they are no longer able to safely live on their own. While many folks don’t like the idea of a nursing home, there are still practical ways to get them the assistance they need without having to leave the place they know and love. Elder care providers are often able to come directly to the home and provide care, assistance and medical treatment on a part-time or full-time basis. If you think your loved one would be a good candidate for a program like this, here is some information you’ll need to get started.

Insist on an Assessment
Every elder care provider works in a different way, but we recommend working with a company that is willing to sit down with both you and your loved one prior to service to get a better understanding of their needs. This can be seen as somewhat of an assessment, and the caregiver generally uses this information to develop a custom care plan. This level of personalization will ensure that they don’t end up with too little or, in some cases, too much help.

A Positive Experience
Many caregivers aren’t there to simply provide medication reminders and help with light cleaning around the house. They’ll interact with and get to know your loved one so that they can truly look forward to their visits. From meal preparation to accompanying them to various appointments, their caregiver will become a trusted friend that they know they can depend on.

Highly Trained Nurses
And you can rest assured that the caregiver you hire through a trusted assistance program will have the training necessary to respond in any emergency situation. Whether it’s a slip and fall or a medical emergency, you’ll never have to be concerned about your loved one being without help ever again. Remember, care programs are essentially customizable and you can count on a personalized, positive experience that will provide you and your loved one with the peace of mind they need to live safely in their own home.

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