Do you Want to Live Happier? Seek for Marriage counseling

Normally when a relationship ends, grief of this loss can be overwhelming to either of the partners. Grief is a real emotional process that comes in five stages namely: denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance. Most hurt partners get stuck in the anger phase. As a result, they are unable to move forward and are filled with rage and hatred. While this rage and hatred is directed to the ex-partner or ex-spouse, it can also manifest itself in the children of this marriage and/ or relationship, as well as the extended family on either side.

The angry parent normally does anything to tarnish the name of the other so as to ensure that no one likes them. This includes creating false stories and lies to justify their innocence and to stress that the other party is actually the cause of everything. They rage and spew anything that will make sure that their ex-partner or ex-spouse has no friends, family and more so, the children are eliminated from their lives. Normally, they do this out of their mind, just to satisfy their grief, anger, hurt and rage against their partner.

The grief manifests itself differently in different individuals. While some are able to manage it, others end up in a manic depression state. When a person is filled with this much grief, their mental status is in jeopardy; their sense of reality goes off the way. They become so fixated about rage and hatred so much that their false stories become their reality. This makes it impossible for them to ever heal.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, instead of allowing the grief to overwhelm and change your real self, it is important to take a positive action. Sometimes marriage partners are so damaged on the inside by their inability to move forward and get past the grief of the failed relationship that they literally start to get worse. Making the decision to seek Christian marriage counseling, individual therapy or children therapy is a courageous decision and an important first step toward a happier future.

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