Do You Use A Lot Of Copier Toner In Bronx NY?

Modern photocopying owes its existence to the invention of an arthritic employee of the New York Patent Office – one Chester Carlson – who patented an “electrophotography” process in 1938. It took some time to turn this invention into a workable, profit making product.

The Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, experimented with the process for over five years and, in 1947, Haloid Corporation, who manufactured photographic paper in New York, obtained a license to develop and market a copying machine based on the “electrophotography” technology. Haloid decided that the word “electrophotography” did not trip lightly enough off the tongue for it to become a workable product name so they had a professor of classical languages suggest alternatives. This resulted in changing the name of the process to “xerography,” from the ancient Greek words for “dry writing.”

They called their copiers “Xerox Machines” and trademarked the word “Xerox” in 1948; Haloid also changed its own name to Xerox Corporation. Their first xerographic copier was called the Model A and it hit the market in 1949.

The Rest, As They Say, Is History

Since then, photocopiers, printers, fax machines and other devices using the same “electrophotography” process, have become the salvation of every office worker in the Bronx and the bane of every office supplies buyer. We love them because they are so simple and reliable to use; but, we hardly give a thought to the process itself; let alone that essential cartridge of toner that allows them to function. The Procurement Manager curses them on account of the large sums he regularly has to spend on copier toner In Bronx NY.

Spare A Thought For The Consumable Costs

Your buyer can negotiate discounts based on the quantity of paper and Toner In Bronx NY that the company regularly consumes with its normal business copying and other print forms that run on cartridges of toner powder. But, it is not really his job to prevent you from wasting the company’s money on these supplies. Private copying is probably not the biggest drain on company resources; but, wasteful printing and copying probably is.

Every time, someone prints something not strictly necessary is a waste; every time someone sets the print run too high is a waste, as is every time someone feeds in either the original or the copy paper incorrectly. Every piece of printed paper that ends up in the waste basket takes with it some of the Toner In Bronx NY that the company has spent good money purchasing.

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