Do You Need Richmond Fridge Repair Services?

One of the greatest modern advancements was the widespread use of refrigeration. No longer did people have to depend on unreliable and labor intensive ice to keep their foods preserved from spoilage. The refrigerator is now an appliance that is normally taken for granted, until it no longer works correctly. Refrigerators are meant to have a lifespan of at least 10-15 years, but need to be properly maintained. Richmond Fridge Repair services such as Affordable Home Appliance Repair can perform these tasks.

As a mechanical piece of equipment, many things can potentially go wrong with a refrigerator. It can be a small matter that can easily be fixed by a homeowner. However, major issues involving complex parts such as an ice maker malfunction, a compressor issue, or no cooling at all should be addressed by a Richmond Fridge Repair service.

If a refrigerator is not working at all, of course the first thing to check is whether or not the power supply to the unit has been cut-off. This involves checking the power cords to see if it is plugged into the outlet, or checking the home’s circuit panel for breakers that may be turned off. If these are all well, then the refrigerator itself is the source of the problem.

The thermostat and compressors will be checked by the repair technician to see how they are working. The thermostat is a normal culprit when the refrigerator is not working properly. However, before making that assumption, it could be as simple as the door gasket being worn out, and in need of replacement. A door that doesn’t close and seal properly can cause a refrigerator to run continuously.

If the issue comes down to the compressor, it may need to be replaced. This is one of the most expensive repairs for a refrigerator, so all other options should be exhausted first. A well-trained repair technician knows to look for all possible avenues. These appliances have a number of timers and other devices that can affect the overall function, so these should all be checked for proper function before a diagnosis is made.

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