Do You Need Help From a Social Security Disability Attorney in Oakland, CA

Trying to file for disability can be a confusing process for most people. Though it is your right to receive benefits when you become permanently disabled, many people are denied. If you have two doctors who have stated you are fully disabled because of a physical or mental condition, you have the right to pursue disability benefits. To help make the process go much more smoothly, many disabled people prefer working with a Social Security disability attorney in Oakland, CA.

When you hire a disability attorney, you will not have to pay a dime up front. These attorneys work on contingency fees. This means they do not collect any money unless they are able to assist you in getting approved for your benefits. This helps disabled people who are already struggling financially.

If you have never filed, an attorney can help you through the process and will make sure everything is carried out according to the requirements of the Social Security Administration. For those that have already filed and were denied, there is legal help to be found. You have the right to continue to pursue your benefits even if you were denied. Your attorney can appeal your case and work towards getting you the benefits you deserve.

If needed, your case can be appealed to the highest level. Once it goes to court, a judge will make the final ruling on whether or not you will be approved. During these hearings, your lawyer will work to present evidence to prove your true disability so the judge rules in your favor.

From the date you first filed, your benefit amount will be kept track of. Once you are approved, you will receive a lump sum payment for all of the weeks since you first filed. After this first payment, you will then begin receiving your monthly benefits on time.

To find out how a lawyer can assist you with your Social Security Disability attorney in Oakland, CA, visit Ortega Disability Group. Through the help of a lawyer, you can rest assured your case will be handled properly so you can focus on your health.

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