Do You Need Automatic Strapping Machines?

In any industry or packaging system, the more the system is automated the easier it is to control all aspects of the process. Provided the equipment is correctly selected for the specifics of the job and is well maintained, it can continue to operate around the close with very high levels of efficiency.

Without the question of human error or slowdowns, automated strapping machines and packaging systems make a good choice in high production and continuous production processes. However, they can also be the right choice for smaller volume production and for specialty types of packaging requirements.

Similar Sized Cartons

Unlike handheld types of strapping machines, the automated strapping machines do have specific limitations as to the size of boxes they can process. This is because the strapping, which is usually polyester or polypropylene, is fed through an arch. The box or container has to be able to be fed through this arch to allow the strapping to encircle the box and be sealed and cut.

Customized to Your Needs

With the automated strapping machines, it is possible to make adjustments to the system to tweak the strapping process to meet the requirements of the line. It will also be possible to make adjustments to the tension on the strap and other features to suit the specific type of carton.

Cost Factor

The automatic machine is going to be more costly that the handheld strapping or the semi-automatic strapping machine designs and options. Without the need for an operator, these machines will be less costly to operate over time, offsetting the addiction cost factor in a very short period of time.

Knowing if your facility would benefit from the automatic, semi-automatic or handheld type of strapping system is not always a simple decision. Take the time and consider your options along with the advantages, challenges and cost factors to make the best choice.

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