Do You Need a Social Security Attorney in Ypsilanti, MI?

The process of filing for disability can be quite overwhelming for everyone. Getting to understand the long process can be confusing, leading people to make mistakes that cause delays or cause them to be denied. Many people find help by hiring a Social Security attorney in Ypsilanti, MI. An attorney can ensure every document and form is properly filed so problems can be avoided.

The filing process involves filling out required forms and providing medical documentation. The Social Security Administration is going to want to know the claimant’s disabling condition, their work history and their limitations. The more information provided for these three factors, the better the chances of an approval being granted.

The process takes time to go through since a review must be carried out. During this time, more information may be asked for. The Social Security attorney in Ypsilanti, MI will work to ensure this information is provided so the process can continue.

Eventually, a hearing will be scheduled to decide on denial or approval. It is important claimants are fully prepared for this hearing so they do not risk being denied. An administrative law judge will preside over the hearing and will make sure the claimant and their representative are able to provide information.

The claimant may be asked questions about their condition and why they should be approved for disability. An attorney will help their client be fully prepared for the types of questions.

It will be up to the judge to make the final decision on the approval or denial of the claimant. If approved, the benefit payments owed will be paid retroactively. This means the claimant will receive benefits from the date of their first filing to the present. After this initial payment, monthly benefit payments will begin.

Through the representation of a lawyer, the process can go more smoothly and be less stressful. This will allow disabled individuals to receive the help they need. Visit Cooper & Bender, P.C. for more details.

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