Do You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney?

If you have fallen or otherwise been injured at a place of business or on another person’s property, you may have a slip and fall case. These cases, which are known in legal terms as “premises liability cases”, are very common. If you can prove your point in court, the owner of the property or the person leasing it may be responsible for your medical bills and other compensation. However, proving this often requires the help of a slip and fall attorney. To make your case, you must prove two of these three separate points.

The Condition Was Created

The first point must be proven by showing, without a doubt, that the possessor or the owner of the property created whatever condition it was that led to your injury. For example, if you slipped and fell on the floor, your slip and fall attorney could prove this by having an employee testify that he or she had recently waxed that area of the floor right before your accident.

The Owner Was Negligent

The second point you have to prove is that the property owner or possessor was negligent. This means that they were aware that a dangerous condition existed on the property, but took no steps to fix the problem or warn others that the problem existed. In the case of the waxed floor, a warning sign should have been placed nearby. The professionals at the Business Name have years of experience determining if negligence occurred.

The Condition Should Have Been Corrected

As an alternative, your slip and fall attorney in Nassau County, NY will need to show that the dangerous condition should have been noticed and corrected before you were injured. One example of this is a loose railing that collapsed when you leaned against it.

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