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The grief and pain couples go through when they realize that the love they once had for each other is over can be a total catastrophe. The issue comes to an explosion when there is a child or children involved in the relation whose life as they knew it is being destroyed. It does not matter as much what the reasons for the divorce, the couple both made those precious children, and together they are responsible for maintaining some form of calm and continuity in the lives of the children. When issues evolve concerning, sometimes assistance is needed from the divorce. One of the most difficult issues to solve, after custody, is child support. The Child Support Attorney in Oak Par serves as a strong resource for this issue.

It appears that the state of Illinois has some preset orders about child support:

“Here are the basic child support guidelines in Illinois:

* One child: 20 percent of take-home income

* Two children: 28 percent of take-home income

* Three children: 32 percent of take-home income

* Four children: 40 percent of take-home income

* Five children: 45 percent of take-home income

* Six children or more: 50 percent of take-home income”

Often, the parent responsible for paying the child support is not able to meet these demands. The Child Support Attorney in Oak Park can look at financial issues of both parents and possibly negotiate an agreement that will work for all concerned. When the non-custodial parent gets frustrated, packs up and leaves the state, it creates its specific problems relating to child support. The Child Support Attorney in Oak Park can file a petition in the courts to swear out a warrant for the arrest of the absent parent. It will be hard to follow up on it, because most states will not pay the expense to return the parent to Illinois. Another issue involved in Child Support is that the non-custodial parent is paying every dime of the support order, but the custodial parent is not using the monies in support of the children. The children are wearing worn out clothes, not eating nutritional meals, living in less than healthy conditions, while the parent is wearing nice clothes and just bought a new car. Again, it is time to consult with Child Support Attorney in Oak Park. The children deserve the best that both parents can provide, The attorneys can see to it that it happens.

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