Do We Still Need Chimney Cleaning In Columbus, OH?

If you look at a photograph of today’s high rise skyline of Columbus; you will not see a single chimney; but, this is only to be expected since large modern buildings rarely have individual fireplaces requiring chimneys. However, that does not mean that the people living in apartments within these buildings; or working in offices in the commercial buildings do not want to be kept warm in winter (and, of course, cool in summer).


For buildings of this type; the modern solution is to provide centralized heating and cooling systems. Just like the old days, heat will probably be provided by burning something (systems that run entirely on electrical power tend to be less popular because of high running costs). Today’s fuel is more likely to be a gas (e.g. natural gas) than solid fuels like wood or coal; but, even gases do not burn totally clean and, since the products of combustion have to be taken away through ducting systems; there will be a need to keep these ducts clean.

This is not the work for the old fashioned chimney sweep with his collection of rods and brushes; but; it can be a source of good income for specialists in chimney cleaning in Columbus, OH that have kept up to date with the times. Cleaning out these ductwork systems is not all that far removed from cleaning the duct in a standalone house that carries away the products of combustion from a wood burning furnace through metal ducts hidden away inside what looks like an old fashioned stone chimney.

Furthermore, these centralized systems have inlet ducts as well as outlet ducts; plus ducting to transport the heat (or cold) to the individual units within the building. Outside contamination can get into these ducts in the form of dirt or dust and even bacteria; the presence of bacteria in distribution ducts has been known to cause diseases such as legionnaire’s disease. All of the ducting will require the services of specialist, modern chimney cleaning in Columbus, OH.

The Older Way

All of this does not mean that the more traditional chimney cleaning in Columbus, OH is dead and gone. There are still districts within the city that have standalone townhouses constructed long enough ago to have actual visible chimneys and, of course, there are all those houses on lots out of the city in the countryside and suburbs. Probably close to 100% of these homes will have converted to a heating system that places metal liners and ductwork inside the traditional masonry chimney; but, since they are the ones more likely to be burning solid fuel; they are, perhaps, in even more need of regular chimney cleaning.

Anyone, requiring duct or chimney cleaning around Columbus, OH; will be well advised to contact the experts at Whempys Ductwork & Chimney Services.

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