Do Legit Work From Home Jobs Really Exist?

If you have been looking around online for options to move from the corporate world to being your own boss at home you may be wondering if there are any legit work from home jobs out there. The internet forums are filled with people that have been scammed by companies that required hundreds to thousands of dollars to get started with their company, without any actual guarantee of work even after the fees were paid.

The answer to the question is not as bleak as you may imagine. There are some very legit work from home jobs out there and, surprisingly, they are not all that difficult to find. Most of these legit work from home jobs include the requirement to pay for your own courses and certification to work for a particular client for customer support, sales or technical support. However, you are guaranteed that you can work for the client after the course is successfully completed or you are certified, and the clients are companies that you know and recognize.

Why Clients Like This Option

It costs a lot of money to run a call center or a technical support department. It is much less costly for a big company, including communications companies, retailers and other Fortune 500 companies to simply use a service that connects their company to people that want customer service jobs from home. That big company doesn’t have to pay overhead, they can hire people from around the country instead of just in one location, and they can virtually staff the call center or technical support department round the clock without any additional costs other than salary.

How Do They Pay?

Legit work from home jobs will pay on a regular basis and will post the typically salary range and the average pay rate. If they work with many different companies, and the good ones will, the pay will vary between companies.

As a subcontractor you be paid as a 1099 contractor and how the company pays will be explained to you before you choose to work for them. Legit work from home jobs make this information very clear at all steps along the way, allowing you to choose the options that work best for you.


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