Do It Yourself Windshield Replacement In Nassau County

There are many jobs that may seem daunting on the outset, but with a little instruction, can become a do it yourself job. If you are looking for a windshield replacement nassau county company, see if you can save a little money and do it yourself. Even if you can locate the glass from a cheaper company, other than a major distributor, you will be saving money on the material. Give it a try and if worse comes to worse, take your windshield to an auto shop and pay for the labor to install your new windshield.

First, if you have a standard vehicle you can try any number of places for a replacement windshield. Reclaiming from a wrecking yard may be your cheapest alternative to buying new. However, again if you have a standard windshield, you can easily call for a replacement from the auto maker.

Secondly, remove the plastic moldings around the side of your current windshield correctly. You may try to bypass this step or make it easier by cutting the strips, but that will make it harder, and more expensive, to replace with the window. You may however, cut the urethane from between the window and the pinchweld.

Thirdly, prepare the pinchweld, after the old window is out. Detail cleaning any dirt that may be caught in this area. The old urethane can then be cut back a little to about 3 millimeters thick. Take this time to clean out every speck of dust and rust. This step is vitally important to make a safety seal on your new window.

Lastly, prepare the new glass for the specific urethane that you will be using the adhesive on. Using an electronic caulking gun after the area is clean, you can apply the new urethane. Using an electric gun will help make a consistent bead of adhesive to insure the best final result. Now is the time to put in your new windshield replacement naussau county by making it fit securely by carefully aligning the top and bottom by site alone. No special tricks or machines are needed for this final step in replacing the windshield as a simple do it yourself job.

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