Do Advertisements Still Work for Recruiting Engineers?

How engineering recruiting firms in Minneapolis choose to market positions and availability has moved rapidly from general advertisements to social media and wide-ranging use of smartphones. Is there still a place for advertisements to recruit talent?

What Has Not Changed?

In what appears to be an eternity, HR departments and engineering recruiting firms in Minneapolis have required a full resume before deciding to talk further with the candidate.

Poor resumes have ensured that some good quality engineering talent will miss the opportunity for an interview. One of the advantages of working with engineering recruiting firms in Minneapolis is the ability to educate individuals in ways they can upgrade their resume, so it promotes the individual.

With fewer people buying newspapers, magazines and watching mainstream television, advertisements, as we used to know them, are still extremely popular but cannot be the only means used to recruit talent.

The quality of an advertisement can make or break the amount and types of individuals that respond. Recruitment firms should think carefully and be extremely creative so that their advertisements can stand out.

Advertisements must provide sufficient information to interest a potential candidate, but cannot possibly provide all the information necessary in one quick pass. What is more important is to provide contact information so that the candidate knows where to contact or search further.

The wording of an advertisement must be effective if individuals are going to consider the information in front of them and act upon it.

In previous years, advertisements almost suggested that candidates should be pleased that a vacancy is available. In modern times, advertisers, including those working for recruiting firms, must change the balance and suggest that the candidate is the most important person in the process.
The target of any advertisement is to encourage an individual to act, and in that manner, nothing is changed.

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