Divorce Lawyers in Mequon WI: Understanding Spousal Support after Separation

In the modern world, divorce cases have become rampant such that spouses are now signing prenuptial to secure their financial future in case they get separated. Those who don’t sign a prenuptial agreement in the presence of Divorce lawyers Mequon WI, mostly end up in court after separating, where issues of child and spousal support, child custody and property sharing are determined by a judge.

Unlike child support where the best interests of the child are taken into consideration, spousal support is more complicated as it involves adults who are legally self-reliant. Most couples don’t know when they may have to support their spouse after divorce, and therefore seek legal help from their divorce attorney. The following are some of the frequently asked questions by most couples after the divorce. Visit the site for the experienced divorce lawyers in Mequon WI.

How is spousal support computed?

A court awards spousal support when one spouse is determined to need financial assistance, and their partner can help. The following are some of the reasons a court may award alimony to your spouse:

  • •    When there is a big difference in earning between you and your spouse.
  • •    If your spouse has an impairment and cannot work.
  • •    If you have been married for a long period and you were the breadwinner.

The above insights are just an example of the reasons that can cause a court to award alimony to your spouse. You should talk to an attorney to help you know the chances of supporting your spouse after divorcing.

What do you do if my spouse has cheated about their income?

There are times when a spouse fails to give an accurate report of their earnings. This may lead to you supporting your spouse, when they are earning more than you do. To prevent this, you will need to provide proof of your spouse’s income in any of the following ways:

  • •    Provide the court with a transcript of their latest pay slip if you can find one.
  • •    Convince the court that your marital lifestyle cost a certain amount and that it was fully funded by your spouse’s income.
  • •    Have other people testify about your spouse’s income such as their employer or workmates.

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