Dispute Resolution in Miami: What to Expect

A sound divorce settlement is important to resolve the divorce and move on with your life. One way to do this is to hire a mediation firm for dispute resolution in Miami Fl. Here are some things to expect when going through the mediation process.

Structured Meetings

At each mediation appointment, the mediator will lead structured discussions. These discussions are meant to address specific parts of the divorce. For example, one meeting might include discussions about asset division. Another meeting might discuss child custody arrangements and support. Mediation sessions aren’t counseling sessions. They are intended to reach agreements in a constructive manner.

Expect to Divulge Financial Information

Mediators expect their clients to be forthcoming with their financial information. This information is necessary to ensure the division of assets is done fairly and to understand what each person has to lose or gain. Couples should plan to bring all supporting documentation with them to these meetings.

Mediators Can’t Give Legal Advice

While it’s true that mediators might be lawyers, when they act in the role of a mediator they aren’t allowed to give legal advice. Their main purpose is to act as a neutral party. They represent neither spouse nor their interests in mediation sessions. Mediators give their clients information that is fair and well-reasoned. The divorcing couple then uses this information to make the best decisions based on the information presented to them.

Dispute resolution in Miami Fl is a solid way to come out on the other side of divorce in a good position, financially and emotionally, without the drama of a divorce trial.

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