Discussing Details With A Child Support Lawyer In Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, the court orders noncustodial parents to pay child support payments after a divorce is final. The payments are submitted at the beginning of the month according to the schedule set up by the court. In some cases, the payments are split between the noncustodial parent’s paychecks. A Child Support Lawyer in Rochester MN can explain all legalities for each parent.

Agreeing on the Child Support Payments

The couple must reach an agreement about child support payments to achieve an uncontested divorce. Couples who agree on the terms of the child custody arrangements won’t face court interference. If they can’t agree, the court assigns the standard values for the child support payments. A standard value is ten percent of the noncustodial parent’s income for the first child and five percent for each additional child produced during the marriage.

Can the Custodial Parent Increase the Payments?

Yes, the custodial parent can submit a request to increase their child support payments at any time. Typically, the court will increase the payments if the custodial parent is suffering a financial hardship. If the child develops a condition that accumulates high medical costs, the support payments are increased, or the court orders the noncustodial parent to pay half of the expenses.

Do Payments Continue After the Child is 18?

The only way that the child support payments continue after the child turns eighteen is if he or she attends college and lives with the custodial parent. The payments won’t continue if the child doesn’t attend college. The custodial parent is required to submit a request to continue the payments, or the payments will stop at age eighteen.

How Long Can the State Hold a Deadbeat Parent?

If a noncustodial parent doesn’t pay child support payments, the court can issue an arrest warrant for them. The individual remains in the county jail until the payments are caught up or until an alternative agreement is formed.

In Minnesota, the court enforces all child support payment orders. Any parent that doesn’t abide by the agreement can be arrested. Custodial parents can file a report through the court at any time that payments aren’t submitted in a timely manner. Parents who need help from a Child Support Lawyer in Rochester MN can Visit the Site right now.

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