Discovering The Best Child Support Lawyer Of Commack

The Best Child Support Lawyer of Commack provides you with stellar services that enable you to secure custody of your children and receive adequate monthly child support. Your attorney will fight against your former spouse when he or she fails to comply with the court ordered for child support. He or she will instruct you on what to do when your former spouse is significantly behind on these payments.

Child Support and Assistance

Your attorney will enable you to seek child custody from your former spouse. When you are awarded custody, the judge will determine how much in child support payments you will receive each month. This is determined by the judge and based on the number of children that need support and the monthly income of the noncustodial parent.

The judge may sign a warrant for the arrest of your former spouse in the event that he or she is significantly behind on these payments. In these cases, your spouse may be remanded to the county jail until he or she earns enough money to pay these payments or a family member catches these payments up for them.

Local Attorney

Todd J. Zimmer and Associates provide you with legal counsel in family law. This includes divorce, child custody, and more. If you are ready to file for a divorce or fight for custody of your children, you may contact Mr. Zimmer to learn more about the necessary processes needed to fight these battles effectively. To learn more about divorce and child custody cases, contact this attorney directly for further details.


The Best Child Support Lawyer of Commack is an attorney who takes the time to ensure that he or she has all fine details of the case accurately. They will ensure that their client has sufficient evidential support to back up their claims in court. This includes times when it is necessary to file for a divorce. What you should realize about these cases is that all it takes is one dispute within the case and it changes the case to contested. In most cases, child custody and support are the most common dispute within divorce cases. To learn more about how your attorney can help you, schedule an appointment today.

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