Discover the Right Type of Tub for Your Pittsburgh Home’s Bathroom

When it comes to the tub installation in Pittsburgh, PA, has to offer, there are many decisions to make. Finding the right tub for your home’s bathroom is critical to creating a relaxing space that you can enjoy. Consider the following features when you begin shopping for your new tub.

The Bathroom Walls

Consider the walls in your bathroom before you begin shopping for a new tub. Think about how many walls will actually surround the tub. This determines what style of bathtub you can use. Three surrounding walls limits your options to traditional rectangular designs while one wall opens you up to many more possibilities.

Tub Size

Measure carefully before purchasing a tub. The amount of free space you have, combined with your desires, will narrow down your options. A standard traditional tub measures 60 by 32 inches. Garden tubs and Victorian clDiscover the Right Type of Tub for Your Pittsburgh Home’s Bathroomaw-foot versions will need more open space.

Tub Shape

Tubs come in the usual rectangular shape as well as modern round and oval models. Think about who will use the tub. Is it to simply get the kids clean, or do you want a relaxing retreat? If you love soaking in the tub, pay attention to the slope. Some designs have a more subtle slope that is easy on the back and shoulders.

The tub installation in Pittsburgh, PA, offers allows you to choose a tub that completely suits you needs. Once you find the perfect one, contact A Comfort Service at to begin the installation process.