Discount Engagement Rings: Propose with the Perfect Ring!

When it comes time to propose, everyone wants to have the perfect engagement ring ready. However, it is never easy when money comes into the picture as well. How can you buy a ring perfect for your love without spending all of your money? Here is the solution: buy a discount engagement ring! This does not mean that you should just go for any engagement ring since you want to make sure that you are purchasing a ring of high quality and value. There are a few factors you should consider to ensure that the discount diamond engagement rings you view and compare are worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Understand the 4 C’s

Carat. Diamonds are measured by carat which is dependent on the diamond’s weight.  One carat is 1/5 grams. People who are new to jewellery often make the mistake of thinking that bigger is better. A large diamond can actually make daily living very difficult for your love and uncomfortable. To make sure that your discount engagement ring is worth your money, make sure you consider the carat of the diamond. Prices usually differ greatly at the full and half-carat mark so keep that information in mind.

Cut. Without the right cut, a diamond will not shine as it should. Even if the diamond is huge and colourful, it is worth nothing without the proper cut. To make sure you are not being cheated out of your money when searching for discount engagement rings, check that the cut of the diamond is right and that the brilliance of the diamond really comes through.

Clarity. Clarity refers to the visible imperfections of the diamond, going from flawless (FL) to included (I). You do not need a perfect, flawless diamond. As long as the diamond does not have obvious flaws that the eye can see, you are good to go.

Colour. Unknown to most people, diamonds also have different colours. The colours range from D (colourless) to Z (yellow). While colourless is ideal, our eyes are not strong enough to truly tell G from D without external equipment. As long as your potential discount engagement ring falls within the G to I range, the diamond will be impressive and sparkle for eternity.

Consider Your Love’s Taste

Chances are that your love has their own preferences when it comes to jewellery. Ask your loved one’s friends, family, and acquaintances about her taste in jewellery. Of course, do not mention straight out that you are buying an engagement ring. You might even ask your love inconspicuously as well. Whether the ring is on discount or not, buying a ring that is completely the opposite of your love’s taste would be a mistake.

Believe In Your Heart

If you know the love of your life well enough to propose, you probably know if the person will be happy with the ring you have in mind. At the very end, forget about the discount, and step away from everything that you think to consider. Think – is this the right choice? You will make the right choice without fail. Good luck, and may your days be filled with happiness.

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