Different types of roof shingles

A roofing company is called in to put the roof on a new home which is currently under construction or to repair and replace existing roofs. Depending on the expectations of the homeowner, the building architect, the roof material is selected. The material is expected to accent the house but it also must be sturdy and have a long life expectancy. As there are so many house designs, one roof type is more appropriate than others as is the roof covering. A roofing company is expected to work with clients, showing them samples of the various materials available and helping them make the best choice for the circumstances.

There is little doubt that the most common shingles that are used are composition shingles. This type of roofing material is comprised of a fiberglass base and asphalt which is then over-coated with fine colored minerals.  This type of roof is common because it is a low cost alternative which is also easy to install, this makes both the homeowner and the roofing company happy. Composition shingles are water resistant, fire resistant and they available in many colors, one of which is bound to suit the house.

Two roofing solutions that utilize all natural material are slate and cedar. These roofs are far from inexpensive, each tile must be had sized during installation, a great deal of work and skill is required for a successful job. Although these materials are more expensive, they are very elegant roofs and they do have advantages even though cost is not one of them. Slate roofs, due to the weight of the material have to be supported by a reinforced roof structure; this also makes the roof less likely to cave in with heavy snow loads. Both materials are extremely durable, infinitely beautiful and very long lasting.

There are certain areas of the country which favor Mediterranean architecture, part of which is the roof design and material choice. Mediterranean homes usually have tile roofs, the tile can be made from various materials but terra cotta is by far the most common. A home with a tile roof is quite cool and since this style of home is usually found in the southwest of the country, this makes it a practical choice as tiles act like a temperature regulator.

Regardless of what type of roofing material you choose, have your roofing company help you with the decision. They have years of experience and can guide you in the direction of the ideal roof for your home.

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