Different types of carpet cleaning services

There is a number of different carpet cleaning methods, the one that is right for your home has a lot to do with the traffic the carpet endures, whether or not you have young children and pets and the issue of allergies. To extend the life of your carpet you must also take into account what cleaning method is compatible with the material your carpets are made from. Because of the variables it is best to hire professional carpet cleaning in Suffolk County rather than attempt to do the job as a DIY project. Professional carpet cleaners normally offer five different services; shampooing, dry cleaning, wet foam, steam and bonnet. It does not matter which service is used but all carpets must be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning commences.

Shampooing: This is perhaps the least effective method of carpet cleaning. Detergents are applied on the carpet and then a machine with a rotating brush agitates the detergent. Once the detergent has been depleted a powerful vacuum is used to extract the foam from the carpet. The carpets look good and smell good because the detergent contains special brighteners and deodorizers but this does not last long as much of the dirt stays in the carpet, soon to reappear.

Dry cleaning: There are many cases where carpets are installed in high traffic areas which cannot be blocked off. In cases like this dry cleaning is often the preferred method. Dry cleaning uses a special powder which is sprinkled on the carpet; the powder attracts dirt similar to a magnet attracting iron filings. The powder is worked into the carpet and then removed by vacuuming.

Foam: The foam method of carpet cleaning is a hybrid between shampooing and dry cleaning. Very little water is used with a foaming detergent that attracts the dirt. Once the foam is well worked into the carpet a wet dry vac is used to extract the water, dirt and detergent.

Bonnet: Carpet cleaners in Suffolk County use bonnet cleaning in commercial buildings, rarely is it used in a residential setting. This type of cleaning has been designed to restore the looks of industrial carpeting, not necessarily deep clean it.

Steam cleaning: This method is also called the hot water extraction process and is by far the most effective way to clean a carpet. Professional carpet cleaners in Suffolk County use a very powerful machine that applies a solution of very hot water and detergent deep into the fibers. The machine also extracts the dirt and mixture. Click here for more details.

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