Differences Between Custom Screen Printing in Orange County and Digital Printing

Whether new to the printing scene or not, you may be wondering if there is a difference between custom screen printing and digital printing. Most Orange County companies and others who are in need of printing options may find it informative to learn about the different types available so they can select the one that will fit their needs best.

Custom Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great way to put something customized on your hats, shirts and more. A stencil is created, which is called a screen in printer-speak, and multiple stencils are used to create each layer of ink required for the print.

This option works best for a design that has a lot of vibrancy or if you are printing on special or dark items, such as shirts, hats, koozies and more. The ink used is thicker than with digital printing and brighter colors are achieved by using a screen print.

Because the printing is done by hand, it is possible to work over uneven and curved surfaces, allowing the company to print items onto almost anything, including water bottles, mugs and koozies.

It is generally easier to print large quantity orders by using screen printing because once the screens have been made, they can be used over and over. This will work well for customers who require many printings of the same screen, such as logo items, because you can continuously use the same screen as many times as you want for any number of different items.

Custom Digital Printing

Digital printing is a newer process where the artwork is created and processed by computers and is printed directly to the product surface. Mainly this type of print is done on t-shirts and other flat surfaces and is not completed by applique or heat transfer, but placed directly to the fabric you choose.

You will have higher detail amounts with this option, but will need to place smaller orders. Because there are no screens but only a digital printer, it can provide more detail and is best on light shirts because thinner ink is used. If you only need a few items custom printed in Orange County, this could be a better option.

Most Orange County companies, however, prefer to print large batches of their items at once to sell or give away, so custom screen printing is usually the best option, as it allows for more items and more materials to be used.

Custom screen printing in Orange County has many great benefits. Consider using Name of the Game for all your print and embroidery needs.


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