Diamonds : Choosing the Ideal Engagement Ring

One of the most courageous things that any man has to do is getting down on one knee. There is no better way to make this event memorable than getting the perfect engagement ring for the event. In case you have been to countless jewelers, and you still have no idea what ring would be perfect for the girl that you love, here are some Diamonds buying tips that you will find very useful.

Choosing the right diamond color

Diamonds come in a variety of colors. The cost of the precious stone depends on how clear and transparent it is. You pay more for the sparkling white diamond, and a little less for the diamonds whose luster is a little tainted. When looking at diamonds under the artificial light of the jewelers, it is impossible to tell the true luster. If possible, try and hold the diamond under natural light. If it is still sparkling white, then it is of a naturally good quality. On the other hand, if it does not look at clear as it did, then it should cost less.

Natural versus artificial diamonds

Scientists came up with an industrial process that is used to create diamonds. The only difference between these two types of diamonds is the cost and the appearance. The synthetic diamonds come in a variety of colors, shades and hues that are a result of the addition of chemicals to aid with the irradiation process. The artificial diamonds are also less expensive than the natural counterparts. While it would feel great to go for natural stone, if your budget does not allow, you could still go for the artificial diamond if it fits the budget.

The setting and band

The setting of the engagement ring and the band also matter a lot. You have to select a material that is least affected by corrosion and shows of the beauty of the diamond centerpiece. The most popular materials include platinum and silver.

These are some considerations to look into when planning to buy Diamonds at Surat Diamond Jewellery. If you still feel mixed up about the choices, the assistants at Surat Diamond Pvt ltd will help you figure out what you need.

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