Details About Cataract Surgery in Murrieta, CA

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Optometrist

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In California, cataract surgeries are performed to restore vision in the affected eye. The procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and don’t present any serious risk for the patient. A local surgeon performs Cataract Surgery in Murrieta CA for all patients now.

Pre-Surgical Requirements for Patients

The eye doctor provides eye drops that are used for a few days before the surgical procedure is performed. The purpose of the eye drops is to lower the chances of an eye infection and prevent unnecessary swelling of the eye following the procedure. The patients must stop all anti-clotting medications at least one day before the surgery to lower their risks.

What Happens During the Surgery?

The doctor numbs the eye via a numbing agent that is injected around the target eye. The patient is provided medication to assist them in relaxing during the procedure as the patient must be awake during the procedure. A tiny incision is made at the corner of the cornea. The surgeon breaks down the eye lens that is affected by the cataract and removes it from the eye. Once the entire cataract is eliminated a replacement lens is applied to the eye.

The incisions aren’t stitched after the procedure. The products used on the eye enable the cuts to seal on their own. The patient must keep the shield over their eye after the surgeon covers their eye throughout the entire recovery period. The patient remains in the recovery area for at least fifteen minutes. It is necessary for the patient to make arrangements for transportation after the procedure.

After Care Instructions

The patient will use eye drops as directed by their doctor. Once the eye shield is removed, the patient must wear sunglasses at any time that they are outside until the eye heals completely. The patient cannot drive for at least two days following the procedure.

In California, cataracts are identified as a milky film that collects on the eye lens. The developments prevent patients from seeing properly and could cause avoidable accidents. Patients who need to schedule Cataract Surgery in Murrieta CA can Browse for more details today.

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